KICLet: Solarwinds' Dirty Google Tricks

July 27, 2012 in Systems1 minute

This is a (justifiable) rant. You’ve been warned.

Solarwinds Orion NPM is an okay tool, but when it comes to managing anything other than Cisco switches and routers, it’s…..meh. It takes very little effort to get devices like that monitored to the fullest extent, but when it comes to something like a storage array, it seems like you really have to make tweaks until your fingers bleed to get the minimal monitoring functionality out of it. Even then, it doesn’t seem to perform at maximum capabilities, and misses some very fundamental reporting features.

On top of that, whenever I try to google anything related to solarwinds, I get this crap:

When a company uses web tactics like this to poison Google search results with pages like this (please try googling this query and see what each result shows you) the result is useless content. Solarwinds’ built in search capability is utter garbage, and they’re bringing the google results down with it by doing this.

Very frustrating.