Call for IPv6 Papers

April 1, 2013 in Systems1 minute

I am working on an IPv6-related project, and though I think I have enough content to at least get started, I’d like to submit a request to the community at large.

This project is aimed at providing additional awareness around IPv6 in general, but will be geared towards the entire networking community, ranging from those familiar with the protocol, to those that barely know what an 128-bit address is. This material will be publicly available and organized towards the goal of learning and becoming more aware of the new protocol.

This resource will be very community-oriented and I thought, what better way to kick things off, than to have you, the community, donate the first wave of content. So….my request to you is this: if you have any cool bookmarks on articles, standards, horror stories, labs - ANYTHING related to IPv6 that really taught you or someone you know something new, post it in the comments. Even if you just have an idea on how better we as network professionals can do better to evangelize IPv6 and answer some of the really tough questions that are still unanswered, I’d love to hear it.

Feel free to post in the comments, or message me on Twitter with your ideas.