About Matt

My name is Matt Oswalt, and I have a fairly eclectic background. When I was 14, I created my first program - an alien shooter on my TI-82 calculator. Since then, I’ve enjoyed building new things and showing them to anyone who will listen. This passion continues to this day, as you’ll find with projects like ToDD and NRE Labs, I just really enjoy building cool stuff. You can explore these and all my other open source projects on my GitHub profile.

I’ve held a variety of different roles in my career thus far. My technical background includes infrastructure consulting, network operations and engineering as well as software engineering. Lately I’ve been exploring the application of these technical skill-sets to a traditionally non-technical role as a Product Marketing Manager for Juniper Networks.

I am finding more and more that I love acquiring new skills and learning to apply them in unique ways to drive value for myself and my employer. I especially like that my combined experience in a wide variety of seemingly unrelated technology disciplines has allowed me the ability to help folks learn and accelerate their own careers.

Blogging is a big passion of mine - I started Keeping It Classless because my writing is a form of my own learning. When I write about something, there’s a pretty good chance that the article was one of my first experiences with the topic. The writing is a way for me to force myself to do the research, generate some useful information, and as an added benefit, share it with the community as a form of giving back. It also helps me, because by participating in this community, I get exposed to a bunch of incredibly smart and helpful folks.

In addition to my technical passions, I also enjoy gaming, making beer, and spending time outdoors in the amazing state of Oregon, USA:

If you want to know more, the majority of my technical work is on my GitHub profile, but also consider following me on Twitter. I am super responsive there, and I try to keep my tweets relevant and interesting.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Matt Oswalt