The Bookshelf

I am a big fan of Audible for books. Every once in a while I have time and patience to read a physical book, but often times I find myself needing to do things like washing dishes, going on a long walk or drive, and Audible has made it so much easier for me to get back into “reading”.

Since I started doing this, I’d like to share the books that I’ve been able to get through this way. I do occasionally listen to/read fiction, etc but for this list I’m focusing on books for professional development or IT process improvement. I also don’t include references, like books on Python, Go, networking, systems etc, though my physical bookshelf is quite full of those.

On Deck

These aren’t in any particular order - these are just books I’ve had recommended to me that I haven’t gotten to yet.


For now, I’ll just link to the books I’ve read below. In the future I’m hoping to provide a brief review, but in the meantime, I put a rating in front of each for my high-level take.