What Is This?

Where in the past I’d commit most of my learned knowledge to public blog posts, these days, most of my time spent writing is in my own private notes. Because these private notes have no stakes or implied expectations, they become an impossibly chaotic mess of links, half-finished thoughts, mixed in with maybe some useful information.

This continues until inevitably I go through a spring cleaning cycle where I delete about 80% of what I wrote down outright because it’s no longer relevant, and maybe if I have the energy left, properly contextualize the little bit of useful information that remains.

This Codex is a place for me to get off that merry-go-round. It’s a place for me to informally organize information about topics that are either really important to me, that I need to recall quickly, or both. It provides me with enough formality/expectation that I have to put some thought into ensuring what I put here is concise and relevant, but not so much that I shy away from writing anything down at all.

For evidence of the latter, see how infrequently I’ve written formal blog posts in recent years

I’m very accustomed to the format of writing point-in-time blog posts, but there are times when this simply isn’t the right tool for the job. The Codex gives me a second option. As a result, everything here follows different rules:

  • Where I’ll usually put some thought into a blog post and ensure it is somewhat easy to follow, not everything here is a complete thought.
  • I will frequently revisit/update and even remove content from this space. Sometimes content I put here is more of a staging ground for a blog to follow later.
  • Most of what’s here is for me first and foremost. I post it here primarily as a form of public accountability, and as a secondary benefit, maybe it’s useful to others.

This will be pretty bare for a little bit, but soon enough I’ll be adding pages here, and hopefully create a nice foundation of knowledge I can use to keep myself sane in my day-to-day.