What Is This?

I retain knowledge primarily from writing it down. Doing so publicly forces me learn it sufficiently enough to explain it to others, and putting it in my own words makes it much easier for me to recall later. Most of the time I do this via blog posts. Blog posts are great - mostly self-contained, point-in-time blog posts that can be read beginning to end to learn a concept.

However, for me, the blog format can have an obstructively high bar for quality - and sometimes what’s needed is little more than a collection of links or a “cheat sheet”. Plus, I may wish to change it over time, and not associate the content with a particular date. This codex gives me an alternative to blog posts much more aligned with these less formal requirements.

As a result, everything here follows different rules:

  • Where I’ll usually put some thought into a blog post and ensure it is somewhat easy to follow, not everything here is a complete thought.
  • I will frequently revisit/update and even remove content from this space. Sometimes content I put here is more of a staging ground for a blog to follow later.
    • Some of these pages have a section like “Questions” which are either questions I still have, or questions I used to have that I think should be answered by a formal blog post later.
  • Most of what’s here is for me first and foremost. It aims to be a relief valve so I can still put the knowledge somewhere other than in my own head, without triggering my perfectionism the way blog posts often do.