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Personal Compendium

This is my collection and organization of technical topics which I consider to be “in scope” for the kind of engineer I want to be right now.

This is a living document which I plan to grow and add to (and perhaps even remove from) over a long period of time. I am to use it to help me understand my gaps, remember my strengths, and ensure information I’ve already acquired remains within reach and can be recalled quickly.

Contained within are a collection of documents and mind maps which include links to all kind of resources, including blog posts I’ve written. It may also contain TODOs to indicate further exploration is needed - for instance, I might want to personally write a blog post about a particular subject as a way of reinforcing my own personal understanding of it.

I’d like to explore each of these topics deeply enough so that I understand the foundation of each. Most importantly I want to establish a living document containing mindmaps of each of these topics and their subtopics, so that over time I can add to them and look back on the intricate web of knowledge that I built. Such a mind map can then be useful to other engineers looking to pursue similar work, as a bit of a rubric to follow.

In other words, I consider this document to be a living one, but the answer to “what all do I need to learn to get better at what I do?”

Also, it creates a way for me to know about what I should/shoiuldn’t write about. Sometimes I’ll write and link to my own blog post, other times I will link to something else which is good enough. I won’t populate this graph with nothing but my own posts. It’s only partially for that.