Matt Oswalt - Portfolio

Short Bio

Matt Oswalt hails from Portland, OR, and focuses on the intersection of network infrastructure, automation, systems, and software engineering. He’s passionate about enabling engineers to evolve their careers to the next level, and sharing the bright spots that exist within the technology industry with the masses.

You can often find him speaking at conferences or meetups about these topics, as well as writing about them on his blog ( or on Twitter as @Mierdin.

Open Source

I do everything in Github, so my profile will offer some good insight into the things I’m working on. Some highlights:

  • I created and help maintain the Antidote project, which powers NRE Labs
  • I worked as a core developer on the StackStorm event-driven automation project for a few years, and still contribute when I find the time.
  • I started a project called ToDD which performs distributed network testing. It’s suffering from a bit of neglect at the moment, and I’m hoping to have some time to get back into it and restructure things.

Speaking Experience - Highlights

A brief summary of some of my speaking engagements, with special emphasis on instances where public recordings are available:

Not recorded, but also: